Project Face Sheet

Perera Tyre Services (Pvt) Ltd in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Highway Development, Ministry of Irrigation Development, Ministry of Social Welfare, Forest Development, Central Environmental Authority and Chamber of Commerce is launching an island wide project to raise the awareness the public about the environment conservation and management. The main goal of the project is to empower the general public to actively partake in urban environment conservation in Sri Lanka and to raise the awareness of the local community about environmentally harmful activities.

Perera Tyre Services (Pvt) Ltd, as the principal sponsor, will gain the following benefits

  • Tax relief for the period of three years
  • Free media coverage and publicity including the trademark on the top of every notice board
  • Project can be submitted for the National CSR award Competition 2016

Please contact
Mr. Nishantha Jayathilake
Executive Director
Tel: 2869300
Fax: 4413433