The company at all times is honest when it comes to the customer relations. It does not fail to be accountable for the products and services it supplies. In addition, the customers are served with respect.


The crew at the “Perera Tyre Service” is always dedicated to provide the best products and services to the customers as well as to the improvement of the company. Making it one of the greatest virtues the company maintains, the dedication of the employees will continue to uphold the company.


The founders and the staff of the company that served the vision of taking it towards the best, had one thing in common, that is working hard. “Perera Tyre Service” is forefront of the industry today thankful to the hard work that has been rendered by the employees so far.


Perera Tyre Service, inaugurated back in 1980s as a tyre and tube trader, is now the ultimate destination of all the modern tyre and tube requirements. It has become the eventual solution merely as a consequence of the ability of the providence of all the high quality tyres and tubes that are required for the smooth functioning of the highly advanced modern automobiles. Apart from providing high quality tyres and tubes from renowned suppliers, the company also has the aptitude of providing systematic tyre solutions. The main suppliers of the exclusive tyres imported by “Perera Tyre Service” are Turkey, India, China and Thailand and all of them provide high quality as well as economical tyres and tubes creating a cost effective solution for the customers.

The company imports Petlas, Toyoma and Kenda tyres which are the most celebrated tyre brands in the world. Petlas is ideal for the vehicles used in construction and mining field as well as machinery used in the agricultural and industrial spheres while Toyoma is renowned for the use in trucks, buses and heavy vehicles and Kenda can be used for passenger cars, vans, light trucks providing safety in your day to day life. Apart from the service of importing these tyre brands, the company also has a tyre rebuilding factory where the customers can get the tyres rebuilt at a low cost.

The efficient and experienced management of the company along with the hardworking and motivating employees, it has been able to reach the pinnacle of success in the tyre and tube industry providing a premium service to the exclusive customers. The company possesses the expectation of expanding its services to the customers preserving their trust for decades ahead.



The company imports only the best quality tyres and tubes to be delivered to the exclusive customers who have kept their years of trust on “Perera Tyre Service.” It has been able to win the hearts of the clients over the years because we adhere to the international standard measurements of quality tyres and tubes.


Since the company is decades old, it has experience in the service they render and are experts in tyres and tubes along with the field of auto mobiles. The professional team has the knowledge of catering to the actual requirements of the customers in order to provide them with superior products and services.

The Team

The team of “Perera Tyre Service” is extremely confident that they can address the customer requirements in order to provide the best quality products and services ensuring the customer satisfaction. The resourcefulness of the young and energetic team assists the overall perform of the company through their dedication and expertise.


The company maintains professionalism over the customer requirements and keeps up with the honesty and integrity that has been required to sustain in the industry. By importing only the quality products from the reputed clients, we have been able to uphold the professionalism over the years.

After sales service

Being committed to provide quality products and services, the company is bound to ensure the total customer satisfaction. The friendly and dedicated customer care team of the “Perera Tyre Service” is dedicated to inquire into the customer complains assuring a first class service.


To be the most desired tyre Solution provider in Sri Lanka with the perspective of safety, environmental awareness and economy, targeting the next generation with world-class products and unmatched services.


  • To provide reliable products and innovative services, focusing on customer expectations.
  • To increase our competition power through a set of continuous improvement activities.
  • Fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities by providing eco-friendly products waste minimizing concept.