With ultimate rubber repletion rate and special tread mixture this tyre has great wear performance on dry surfaces and high elasticity and grip performance in low temperatures. PT411 is a perfect four-season and a 4×4 tyre with special tread structure and increasing grip performance on wet surfaces. You can discover the wild when living in the city with its aesthetic tread design and structure, optimized for four seasons.


Tyre Size PR Type TT/TL
235/75 R15 EXPLERO A/S PT411 105H
245/70 R16 EXPLERO A/S PT411 107H
255/70 R16 EXPLERO A/S PT411 111T
215/70 R16 EXPLERO A/S PT411 100H
265/70 R16 EXPLERO A/S PT411 112T
215/65 R16 EXPLERO A/S PT411 98H
265/65 R17 EXPLERO A/S PT411 112H