TY 603

The zigzag grooves pattern design with a strong drive performance and low rolling resistance of this tyre makes it special. The unique shoulder design prevents uneven wear and the optimization of joint surface design, prolongs tyre usage life. Moreover, it is specially designed for constant load long-distance high-speed road in good conditions, suitable for steer and trailer wheels of the trucks.

Toyoma -TBR Radial Tyres

Tyre Size Ply PATTEN TT/TL
315/80 R 22.5 18PR TY-603 TL



The tub family of this tyre is excellent wear resistant and tear resistant. Moreover it has 3+ rigid belt layer design and special carcass construction, with excellent high-load performance. The strengthened tyre tread and bead structure design with excellent tyre resistance against blasting and bead endurance performance makes this tyre more advantageous.


The tubeless tyres of this special type, has a new low fever tread rubber formula, with longer wear mileage. Four or 3+ rigid belt layer design. Good controlling stability and excellent comfort assured by this tyre and has special tyre shoulder and bead design, with strong heat resistance. It also optimizes tyre ground pressure distribution prolongs tyre life.